Ireland Webquest

This Ireland Webquest activity & project also includes:

You won't need to kiss the Blarney stone for luck in a St. Patrick's Day-themed WebQuest! Middle schoolers embark an online activity in which they find the answers to ten questions about the history and geography of Ireland.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Assign during a computer lab session or for homework in preparation for St. Patrick's Day
  • Use in a social studies or geography class when emphasizing the importance of citing sources properly
Classroom Considerations

  • Encourages learners to cite their sources, but does not provide a guideline or rubric for them to follow. Supplement with your own instruction and materials for source citation
  • Worksheet is in color, but should still be understandable if printed in black and white
  • Remind participants to answer in full sentences

  • Promotes navigation skills and source citation
  • Holiday-themed worksheet ties well into a March lesson

  • None