Kids' Vocab - MindSnacks

Kids can tap and play their way to improved vocabulary! After interacting with the kid-friendly word lists and the set of diverse games, young learners will develop an addiction to vocabulary.

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App Overview

Kids' Vocab - MindSnacks is a vocabulary development app made up of nine games, 25 word lists, and a series of motivating side quests. The game starts with two unlocked games; you must gain experience to level up and unlock the remainder of the games. Since the final game unlocks at level 35, there is ample game-play. The app comes with one lesson for the $1.99 price. Upgrade for free to receive the rest of the 25 lessons.

How to Get Started:

  1. Create a profile by typing in your name and choosing an age (from six to 13+)
  2. Complete the brief tutorial
  3. Touch each word in your first list to review the definition and other information
  4. Start practicing with a game of Swell

Browsing and Choosing Lessons:

  • The app begins with a lesson based on the age you choose for your profile; these choices are not final and users can select a different list after the first game
  • Upgrade for free within the app to unlock all of the lessons
  • Tap the book in the top right corner or drag the page to the left to view your lessons
  • The app will organize your words into two categories: Current and Mastered; touch any word to hear it and read the definition
  • Topics range from animal life and plants to archaeology and culture
  • Unless you choose otherwise, the app will go directly through the list of lessons
  • MindSnacks adapts to you and will repeat and reteach words
  • Practice mastered words by tapping Mastered and then Play


  • Cute music and graphics that kids will love
  • Pronunciation of each word along with additional information about the word on the lesson page (fun facts, related words, antonyms, word parts, etc.)
  • Ability to create multiple profiles on one device
  • Progress tracking
  • Scorecard for each game after finishing
  • Pause, restart, and randomize options for all games

On Your Profile, Check Out:

  • Percentages that track skills levels for:
    • Visualization
    • Spelling
    • Rapid recall
    • Proper usage
  • Number of active days
  • A count of mastered words
  • Number of hot streaks (five correct answers in a row)
  • Tally of completed lessons
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Instructional Ideas

Even if you only have one tablet available for student use, Kids' Vocab can still be played by all! Create a profile for each individual on one device. When a pupil has a chance to play, all she or he needs to do is find his or her name. Youngsters can play some vocabulary games as a reward, extra practice, or to fill some time.

Set up stations with several tablets available. Your charges can play with vocabulary individually. Assign a specific list to keep class members on the same track. Later, you can view each individual's profile to track progress. Assess separately if desired.

Suggest Kids' Vocab to parents for at-home use. Kids will love the games and parents will appreciate the educational value.

Classroom Considerations

While the app advertises that it is best for second through seventh graders, and allows users to select an age as young as six, younger students might get frustrated with the speed of some of the games and the difficulty level of some of the words. For example, the animal life lesson includes words like voracious, invertebrate, and fauna. It does depend on the level of your learners, but the app might be best for ages 9 and up.

The developer offers bulk licenses to schools at a 50 percent discount. Check out their website for more information.


  • Games are educational and engaging
  • Content is retaught periodically
  • Progress tracking and scaffolding built in

  • Single user interface limits classroom use
  • Content and speed of games might be frustrating for younger learners