Kindergarten Beginning of the Year Assessment

Find out where your youngsters are at with the alphabet, shapes, and numbers by giving this pre-assessment. The resource includes two slightly different versions, both of which require learners to practice letter, shape, and color recognition in addition to writing their own names and counting.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Since most of the assessment is oral, make laminated copies of the student versions to use with each individual; when the time comes, pupils can write their names on a separate sheet of paper or on the teacher note page
  • Conduct this assessment several times throughout the year to see the progress of individual learners
  • Since this is a one-on-one style assessment, you can pull kids out of centers or small groups or take advantage of a classroom aide or volunteer
Classroom Considerations

  • Pay attention to the top-right corner of each page; the pages that say Student Copy are clearly meant for the student, and the others are made for teacher to record notes on each task

  • Comes with a student copy and a teacher record page that you can use to keep track of individual results

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