Kindergarten Common Core Sight Words Plus

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Mastering basic sight words is one of the first steps your pupils can take toward learning how to read. Promote reading fluency by practicing basic sight words with the interactive activities included here. Kids will enjoy the bright color scheme and simple functions of the app.

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App Overview

Kindergarten Common Core Sight Words Plus is a simple app with a clear focus. The word lists and exercises are designed to meet reading foundational standards.

The words are grouped into units. Each unit is a document with one word in large print on each page. Users scroll the document up and down to see one word at a time. While basic, the interface is easy to use and doesn't require any technical expertise.

Main Menu:

  • App Directions: A description of how to use the various features of the app as well as instructional ideas
  • Sight Words: The files of words, organized by month and unit
  • Word Match: Practice exercise, also organized by month and unit; users must choose the correct spelling of each word
  • Missing Word: A second practice exercise, organized by month, but not unit; users must complete the sentence with the correct word
  • Search the app: A complete index of all pages of the app
  • Tell others about the app: Links to your e-mail


  • Tap the pen and paper icon available inside of each unit to bring up a writing pad; pupils can practice writing each word after they read it
  • Two reward screens are available in the index. The app advertises that these come after each game; however, they do not pop up and can only be found through the Search the app feature
  • Users receive instant feedback within the exercises


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Instructional Ideas

The App Directions page suggests a method for using the app. First, choose a month and unit. Next, practice reading the word by saying it, spelling it out loud, and then saying it again. Repeat with the rest of the words in the list. Pupils can do this for three to five minutes a day. Incorporate writing by tapping the pen and paper icon. Write out the first word five times, saying the word out loud and spelling it each time. Touch the back button and repeat for the rest of the words. 

Since the units are organized by month, consider following along in that order. Kingergartners can learn the words over the course of the school year, starting off with simpler words, and finishing with more complex words.

Recommend the app to parents who have tablets or smartphones. Their children can practice at home to improve their reading skills.

While the activities and games can certainly be completed independently, learners might benefit from teacher modeling and whole-class practice. Project the screen and go through a unit together, modeling how to navigate the program and how to complete the activity. This will familiarize your class with the functions of the app and prepare them for independent practice.

Classroom Considerations

At first, it is unclear exactly what to do with the app. Your charges will need instruction on where to go and what to do when they first open the program. If you are only working with a few tablets, you might choose the unit before handing them off to students.


  • Contains a large number of words to practice
  • Includes games to reinforce the skills
  • Has a simple interface with bright colors that will appeal to kids

  • Users need to read the App Directions to understand how the app is meant to be used
  • Some features could benefit from an update


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