Lactase Enzyme Lab

This Lactase Enzyme Lab lesson plan also includes:

Dairy got you down? Your budding scientists learn what happens when lactase is broken down and what happens when it is not. The straightforward lab is easy to modify to a design-your-own or inquiry-based activity.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Turn the lesson into an inquiry lab in which learners predict and design their own methods with the available materials
  • Show a graphic of the lock-and-key fit of enzymes for background information
  • Make sure the class understands the breakdown of lactase to galactose and glucose, so they know why they are testing for glucose in this lab
Classroom Considerations

  • Need a heat source to boil water for 30 minutes (can do prior to lab)

  • Additional resources are available
  • Provides clear instructions to complete the lab
  • Materials are easy to obtain

  • No background information on enzymes or pictures of enzyme-substrate models available
Common Core