Later Asian Art

This Later Asian Art presentation also includes:

The Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, the Forbidden City, Phoenix Hall. Visit them all. Art and architecture from India, Cambodia, Korea, China, and Japan are featured in a 114-slide PowerPoint, designed for AP art history and humanities classes, that can be enjoyed by anyone interested in later Asian art. 

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Classroom Considerations

  • While the images are fantastic, no script is provided; therefore, preview all 114 slides to determine what commentary will need to be provided to supplement the text
  • The PowerPoint ends with slides from other, related presentations designed for AP art history and/or humanities classes
  • The presentation would need to be divided into sections and shown over several class periods

  • Commentary is provided for some of the images, identifying them and  their importance
  • Some historical information is included

  • Quiz questions reference a text that is not identified, nor are links to it provided
  • Some images are not identified
  • No script is provided