Leaky Faucets

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Middle school mathematicians get their turn at home ownership as they track down leaky faucets in this activity on proportional reasoning. Throughout the activity and its provided scaffolding worksheets, learners use equivalent ratios and unit rates to answer questions and then interpretation and analysis to justify their answers. With an emphasis on the linear graphs of proportional relationships, this activity and its many supports, rubrics, and annotated student work examples make an excellent addition to any unit on linear relationships.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Consider adding a layer to the main activity by having learners compute cost for various leaking faucets by interpreting a utility bill
  • Try a real-life comparison of unit rates, similar to Super Sale Shopping Spree, using current ads
  • Have the class take the leaky faucets activity as a mock end-of-course question, then self- or pair-grade according to the rubric and annotated student work
Classroom Considerations

  • Many supports are suggested in the teaching notes for remediation, ESL, and SPED needs
  • Consider having 6th grade fraction remediation available for learners struggling with finding equivalent ratios

  • Clearly marked rubric and annotated student work provided for main activity
  • Contains comprehensive teaching and support notes
  • Emphasis throughout activities on explanations of ratio relationships and linear graphing of proportions

  • No rubric or answer key provided for scaffolding worksheets