Learn Portuguese - MindSnacks

With entertaining music, drawings, animations, built-in scaffolding, and progress tracking, these games are sure to please even the pickiest of Portuguese language learners. Leave your class alone with this app for a few minutes, and just wait to hear exclamations of "Divertido!"

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App Overview

Learn Portuguese - MindSnacks is a language acquisition program made up of nine engaging games. When you first sign up or log in, two of the nine games are unlocked. As you play and complete side quests, you gain experience that allows you to level up. Get to level 36 to unlock the final game! The games target different skills and help you practice spelling, vocabulary, image recognition, recall, error recognition, and more.

How to Get Started:

  • MindSnacks requires an account; log in or sign up
  • Pick your Portuguese proficiency level
    • Nonexistent
    • Jumbled up words without any structure
    • Halting sentences with OK grammar
    • Fast & confident
  • Note the tips from the app as you do a quick tutorial
  • Hear the words in your first lesson read aloud by tapping each one
  • The tutorial will lead you to the first page, where you will test your knowledge of the first lesson with a game of Swell

Access to Lessons:

  • The app will choose one free lesson based on your proficiency level
  • Upgrade for more content
  • For $4.99, you get 50 Portuguese lessons with 1000+ words
  • For $19.99 you can purchase 400 lessons that cover SAT vocabulary, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and German

Browsing and Selecting Lessons:

  • View your current lesson and scan additional choices by tapping the book in the top right corner or dragging the whole main menu page to the left
  • Select a specific topic or allow the app to take you straight through the list
  • After the upgrade, lessons ranging from basic nouns and verbs to expressions and phrases will appear in your menu
  • As you play and master words, MindSnacks categorizes them into two lists: Current and Mastered
  • From the lessons page, you can tap on any word to hear it read aloud and practice mastered words if desired
  • The app will adapt to your needs by repeating trouble words and mastered words

Game Features:

  • Playful music unique to each game
  • Delightful images and graphics
  • Progress tracking
  • Audio clip of each word, spoken by a native Portuguese speaker
  • Results and scorecard to view after games
  • Option to randomize, restart, or pause

On Your Profile, Check Out:

  • Percentages that show skill acquisition in relation to
    • Image recognition
    • Spelling
    • Error recognition
    • Recall
  • Number of lessons finished
  • Your count of mastered words
  • Record of hot streaks and days active
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Instructional Ideas

While it would be difficult to do whole-class instruction with this app, it is a great tool for independent skills practice. Individuals will get caught up in the games and learn new vocabulary along the way. If you want to create common goals in your class, assign specific lessons. After all class members have mastered the lesson, spend some time practicing and discussing it in class.

Since multiple users can sign up on one device, stations are definitely an option. After signing up the first time around, class members only need to choose their name from the user list within the app. Check out how they are doing by looking over the stats and percentages available through the personalized profile.

Incorporate some speaking by asking pupils to repeat after the audio recording. They can even test one another using the lesson lists.

Classroom Considerations

Want your class to practice conversation and composition in Portuguese? You will need a different activity or app for that. While addicting and effective for vocabulary and basic grammar, MindSnacks is a supplementary material.

Class members would benefit from extra instruction for conjugation, sentence structure, and grammar. Ask them to converse or write using the words they have learned through the app.

While most of the words are accompanied by playful drawings, some closer to the end of the list of lessons are paired with photographs. Since some of these are of questionable quality, take a look before assigning a word set. 

Grab yourself a bulk license for half off! The developer offers this discount to schools. More information is available on their website.


  • Users will have fun while practicing and learning
  • Learners will benefit from built-in scaffolding, reteaching, and progress tracking

  • Speaking and composition are not included in the program
  • Single user design limits classroom applicability