Learn Russian - WordPower

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Looking for word lists to help your language learners? Check out the courses provided here, which include not only words, but also translations, images, voice recordings, flashcards, and more to help your pupils pick up vocabulary and pronunciation.

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App Overview

Pick up 2,000 common Russian words and phrases with Learn Russian - WordPower. Organized into courses and categories, you can master each section by selecting a level or category, swiping through the words, and testing your knowledge with flashcards. 


  • View a brief tutorial by selecting the About icon along the bottom toolbar
  • Choose from a list of courses including Russia's top 100 words and 10 graduated levels
  • Study 13 different categories
  • Swipe through word lists or select the words you want to learn from the lists
  • Read each word in Russian and English
  • Listen to an audio recording of each word
  • View an image for each word; tap the image to enlarge and repeat the word
  • Read and listen to sample sentences that use the chosen word
  • Record your own voice and compare it to the native Russian pronunciation
  • Review your words with customizable flashcards; tap the gear to customize
  • Track your progress after practicing with flashcards by checking out the colored bar by each section and the colored dot by each word
  • Add words you want to access quickly to your word bank by tapping the star
  • Search for any word with the magnifying glass
  • Alter settings through the gear menu
  • Receive a word of the day
  • Check out basic resources about grammar, common mistakes, and the Russian alphabet
  • Connect to RussianPod101.com for free audio lessons and a free account
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Instructional Ideas

Use Learn Russian - WordPower as a supplementary material parallel to your instruction. Class members can work through the lessons at home and practice the words and more in class the next day.

If you only have access to one tablet, you can go through the word lists together. While the flashcards are the only practice, and are designed for independent practice, the courses include valuable content, voice recordings, and images.

Classroom Considerations

The app will ask you to sign up for an account with RussianPod101.com. An account is not necessary for the courses and categories, but it does provide additional lessons and resources. Paid accounts that come with even more materials are also available. If you don't sign up, the app will prompt you to do so each time you open it.


  • The content is safe and appropriate for all ages
  • Words and word meanings are reinforced through image, audio, and context

  • While the flashcards can be customized, they are the only way to practice the words
  • The grammar section is very limited; pupils will need to learn how to alter and use words elsewhere and should probably have some knowledge of Russian already