Learning Japanese

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Learning Japanese, I think I'm learning Japanese, I really think so! Many programs that teach Japanese focus on translating directly from English to Japanese. Try out a different approach by employing this app to help you teach the language from a Japanese point of view.

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App Overview

Learning Japanese starts with the hard stuff and doesn't condone simple translation. The idea is that language learners initially work to build a strong grammatical base instead of picking up basic phrases and struggling later on to learn more difficult concepts. The material is extensive, detailed, and scattered with videos, audio clips, animations, and exercises. Made up of 55 lessons organized by topic, Learning Japanese is a straightforward and effective tool for gaining an understanding of Japanese grammar.


  • Overview
  • The Writing System
  • Basic Grammar
  • Essential Grammar
  • Special Expressions
  • Advanced Topics


  • Watch videos that are linked within lessons
  • Check out animations, audio clips, and demos
  • Follow links to suggested additional resources
  • Look for the dumbbells, which signal that a section includes an exercise
  • Learn the Kana (no Romanji included)
  • Bookmark pages
  • Adjust brightness and font size
  • Show and collapse the menu options by tapping the screen once
  • Search within all lessons
  • Toggle between All Lessons and Bookmarks


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Instructional Ideas

Make Learning Japanese part of your curriculum. Assign sections for homework or classwork and supplement the information included in the app with additional instruction, activities, conversation, and practice.

Suggest the app to students for outside use. Self-guided pupils in particular will benefit from the exercises and information included in the app.

Classroom Considerations

Users of Learning Japanese will need to be guided by a teacher through the material or be older and somewhat self-directed. While the material and instructional strategies are sound, there aren't any animations, games, and so on to capture the attention of more easily distracted individuals.

Check out www.guidetojapanese.org for different formats of the curriculum and additional information about the program and the Japanese language.


  • Builds from fundamentals of how Japanese works instead of translation that tries to make Japanese more like English
  • Includes video links, embedded demos and audio clips, and other additional resources
  • Comprehensive program with 55 lessons and a variety of practice exercises
  • Free

  • Bookmarks are permanent
  • Difficult to track a learner's progress directly through the app