Lesson 2: Fight the Flu: Mapping

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What is a map and what does it have to do with the flu? Traditional ideas are put to the test to expand kids' understanding of what constitutes a map as they split into groups and research 10 different concepts of mapping. In the second of a three-part lesson, learners use their new definition of a map to trace a hypothetical flu strain to patient zero. Each group selects a topic to collect data, analyze results, and share with the rest of the class. Some of the suggested ideas include coughing and sneezing habits, drinking fountains or other public surfaces, and room temperature. After learning how to track where the flu originates and how it spreads, the kids are ready to move on to the final of the three lessons.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable

  • Solving real-world problems using mathematical data analysis
  • Project-based learning helps make the lesson relevant 

  • Data collection instructions are not explicit
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