Lesson Plan: Making Inferences

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Making inferences is an important part of reading any text, but especially text that conveys information. Equip your middle schoolers with this educational skill through a series of activities that focus on making inferences based on news articles. After working together with their peers to make inferences, they move on to a class example before working on their own.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use in a journalism class before teaching learners to write informative articles
  • Assign in a language arts homework packet, or when focusing on nonfiction text reading strategies
  • Encourage your class to bring in other news articles that they find in the paper or online, which feature ideas and events they care about
Classroom Considerations

  • Parts of the handouts are in color, but they should print in black and white without affecting understanding
  • Formatting of the worksheets is a little off, so the questions extend into multiple pages when they shouldn't

  • Provides teaching tips and accommodations for English learners
  • Includes lesson extensions for additional practice

  • None