Let's Talk About Fritz Scholder

By discussing and analyzing the work of artist Fritz Scholder, learners are given the opportunity to consider artistic representations of Native Americans, New Mexico, and the American Southwest. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • The talk bullet points can easily be used as either engaging writing or discussion prompts
  • This is an excellent opportunity for a cross-curricular lesson or project of Native American history and visual arts
Classroom Considerations

  • While originally designed to accompany a visit to an exhibit, the resource can still be utilized for classroom use. Consider projecting the images on the PDF in order to zoom in and more closely analyze the works. Also, for the compare sections, learners can locate a variety of other pieces online through a simple Internet search.

  • Includes images of artwork to be analyzed
  • Nice selection of analysis questions and discussion points

  • None