Letter from George Washington to Martha Washington

This Letter from George Washington to Martha Washington worksheet also includes:

How did George Washington feel about leading the army during the early days of the American Revolution? Learn about his feelings with an excerpt from a letter to his wife, Martha, and with careful consideration of key vocabulary words.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Add to a reading assessment during a unit on the American Revolution or Presidents' Day
  • Have learners work in small groups to define each word using prior knowledge, then context clues, then dictionaries
  • Prompt class members to write about how they would feel about taking a job they were reluctant to do, but would help many people
Classroom Considerations
  • Word bank contains definitions for each words; consider removing the definitions for more advanced readers
  • Requires historical context for the American Revolution
  • Promotes context clues and primary source analysis
  • Word bank makes a great vocabulary list for the week
  • None