Life Cycles: Teeth Tell A Story

This Life Cycles: Teeth Tell A Story assessment also includes:

Scholars take part in a guided-inquiry based activity in which they observe the teeth and jawbones of a White-tailed deer and drawn conclusions about the animal's life cycle.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Visit the library or search on mobile learning devises for information about the White-tailed deer
  • Look into and discuss how life cycles can be observed in other species 
Classroom Considerations

  • The resource is the seventh of 14 in a series of STEM lesson plans
  • The lesson uses links to pages from a hunting website; take class member's knowledge of, and personal values toward the topic to confirm its appropriateness for your population
  • The contact information to obtain jawbones is from Virginia; check to confirm that materials are available in your location  

  • The lesson plan is detailed and written clearly

  • The majority of links are broken; however, similar information can be obtained through library or internet searches