Linear Equations and Inequalities

This presentation offers an in-depth look into linear equations and inequalities. Here, teacher-orientated slides provide detailed information to share with your mathematicians, while student-oriented slides detail activities that include group and partner work, visual aids, and models.   

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Copy and paste the learner-oriented slides into a separate presentation to show the class without having to change slides to read the teacher information 
Classroom Considerations

  • Standards listed on slide two are specific to the Tennessee state standards; however, this slide can be edited and the resource information is adaptable to national Common Core standards
  • Some slides in this presentation were created for teacher use, while some are for pupil use 

  • The presentation downloads as an editable Power Point
  • The lesson as a whole, is engaging and informative

  • The creator has used shapes and symbols for variables versus letters, which will result in further explanation if your class is not familiar with other types of variable identification
  • There are some grammar mistakes to be found, but reading is still understandable 
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