Linear Functions

This Linear Functions assessment also includes:

This STEM lesson plan presents a guided inquiry lesson to determine the relationship between knots and a rope's length. Groups gather data on the number of knots and the length of the rope in order to graph the relationship. They then present their findings and conduct a discussion about variations in results to conclude the lesson.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Since the knots may not all be the same size, be prepared to talk about the differences
  • The data from this lesson can also be used in finding the best fit line
Classroom Considerations

  • Ropes of different lengths are needed
  • Measuring devices are needed

  • The activity is engaging
  • The lesson also includes the relationship between dependent and independent variables

  • Post-assessment covers concepts not in lesson
  • Not entirely a guided-inquiry lesson; instruction is required
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