Literature Based Unit Study with Printables for Humphrey, The Lost Whale

Turn your lesson on Wendy Tokuda and Richard Hall's Humphrey, The Lost Whale into a cross-curricular unit in science, language arts, social studies, art, and math. Various printables guide young readers through the geography and facts of the book, as well as the literary terms and vocabulary. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Print out the worksheets and include in a reading journal for kids to complete as they read the story
  • Combine the activities with science lessons about marine life, social studies lessons about geography, and math lessons about measurement
  • Have kids write their own story about another animal and its adventures in a new place
Classroom Considerations
  • Some printables are more useful than others (the last page has miscellaneous clip art that you could work into your lesson)
  • Lesson briefly mentions that God created the landforms on Earth (sea, mountains, etc)
  • Provides innovative and educational ways to read a children's classic story
  • Great way to frame your curriculum during a marine life unit
  • None