Organize, sort, and share with this wonderful service. Create virtual binders on various topics/subjects by collecting a variety of resources and formats. It is like being your own curator of artifacts!

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App Overview

  • Website & App
  • Create informational binders that curate and collect resources by topic or theme
  • Bookmarklet tool for websites
  • Uploads PDF's and photos
  • Upload videos posted to YouTube
  • Share with students, parents, educators
  • Collaborate on a topic
  • Keep binders private and share only with a special code
  • Make binders public for collaboration with the world on certain topics
  • Search from thousands of public binders to find ideas and get inspired
  • Copy public binders to customize to your own topics
  • E-mail binders or use embedded code to put a link to your binder on your website
  • Watch tutorial videos on site
  • Start with free educational membership with a limited storage
  • Lowcost for increased storage
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Instructional Ideas

  • Allow pupils to create a private binder on a report that they are creating. They can upload pictures, research, PDF's, and more
  • Have learners collaborate on projects by using a binder to store information
  • Work with colleagues to find information on a particular topic for a grade level and store resources in a binder
Classroom Considerations

The app does not have as many features as its corresponding website, but it is a great way to access binders that you have already created or to start a new binder.