"Lonesome for a Change": Close Reading an excerpt from Their Eyes Were Watching God

Whether or not Zora Neale Hurston's classic novel is a part of your course, this packet deserves a place in your curriculum library. Designed as a close reading exercise, the series of activities begins with the instructor modeling, with a chunk of text, how to highlight imagery and figurative language, and how to use in-text citations to answer guiding questions. For guided practice, groups repeat the process with a second chunk of text. Individuals then tackle another passage for independent practice. Everything you need, text passages, worksheets, and answer keys are included in the richly detailed packet.

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CCSS: Designed
  • The exercise is modeled on the 1987 AP English Literature exam and could be used as a practice set for the exam
  • The activities are carefully scaffolded so that all learners can develop their close reading skills
  • Detailed instructions are included for all activities
  • A strong resource that deserves a place in your curriculum library
  • None