Love Art: National Gallery, London

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Learning about fine art through the study of art history is an amazing way to develop a better sense of design, art terminology, and observation skills that can be used to comprehend the visual world. Learners of all ages can explore the National Gallery, London with an eye-catching app that will describe art with the help of the National Gallery curators.

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App Overview

Videos, slide shows, images, and audio tracks make this a fantastic resource for exploring fine art. Learners can thumb through the paintings housed in London’s National Gallery, explore paintings that exemplify common themes in art, and examine the masterworks of some of the world’s most celebrated artists. Each masterpiece can be explored through video, visual, and audio commentary and can be accessed with a tap of the finger.

Accessing Art:

  • The first page contains 13 places to explore
  • Tapping on any of the initial options will allow the user to access audio or video related to each of the 12 featured artists
  • The first option provides an overview of art themes and a welcome to the National Gallery
  • The subsequent options include arrows. The user taps the arrow and is taken to a screen with five mini-lectures on the artist and his art
  • Artists featured include:
    • da Vinci
    • van Gogh
    • Hans Holbein the Younger
    • Botticelli
    • Rembrandt
    • Wilton Dyptich
    • Van Eyck
    • Thomas Jones
    • Renoir
    • Velazquez
    • Vermeer
    • Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres


  • Tapping the Insight option will provide a list of themes
  • Drag the wheel of themes to access 33 different themes
  • Choose the theme by dragging it into the gray band on the theme wheel
  • Tap the green Go button
  • The user is taken to a vivid image that exemplifies the chosen theme
  • Audio commentary describes the image in detail, provides historic background, and examines the visual symbolism as it relates to the theme chosen


  • The Info option provides access to the National Gallery website
  • The website provides additional information on the collections, curatiors, and new exhibits available for viewing
  • The website also provides additional video clips, audio clips, and podcasts created by the museum’s top experts


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Instructional Ideas

  • Assign one of the 12 featured artists to a small group or pair of students. Have each group review the information on the app, visit the National Gallery website, and then create a visual display that shares insightful and historic information about their piece.
  • Display several of the featured works of art for the entire class to examine. This can be done by linking your tablet to a projection device. Have the class closely examine each piece. They will chart examples from each piece that represent the elements of art.
  • Create a mock gallery in the classroom by having children pair up to create updated versions of each of the 12 featured works of art seen in the app. They can use the app to view details of the image they are creating.
Classroom Considerations

Some learners may not find the audio commentary very interesting and may lose interest if they are not given direct instructions on how it should be used. 


  • Allows learners to view master works of art
  • Provides deep insight into the history and meaning of the art
  • Allows the user to zoom in and see close-up details of each image
  • Gives wonderful video and audio bites that really teach the user about the art
  • Provides a thematic way to examine art that can be applied to any art or art history class



  • Audio/video can not be paused, it plays until it’s finished
  • Some users may not be interested or have enough patience to listen to each mini-lecture
  • Video clips do not always work (but the audio does)