Magnets: posing and testing questions about the properties of magnets

Why don't magnets always attract? A series of hands-on activities encourage young scientists to create their own investigative questions before testing magnets in different settings. As small groups note whether the magnets attract or repel different objects, they make observations in a KWL in their science journals.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Adapt and tailor the resource to your class needs
  • After young scientists are finished working in groups, gather everyone and have a class discussion about their findings
  • Allow English learners to complete their writing assignment with a partner
  • Use the pre-lesson activities in class prior to the experiment or as homework assignments in a flipped classroom setting
Classroom Considerations

  • Learners should have prior knowledge of magnets
  • Though designed to take place over two days, lesson can be stretched to three days
  • Internet access is needed to view the videos

  • Pre and post assessments included with resource, as well as the rubric
  • Applicable to STEM curriculum
  • Inquiry-based learning with a hands-on-activity

  • None