Make a Sculpture

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The Renaissance period included lots of sculpture, and other kinds of art cut from marble. To provide your class with a similar experience, invite them to create a sculpture of their own out of gray or white modeling clay. Explain to your budding artists that the subject of their sculptures will be a Renaissance artist. Do this activity in class by using self-hardening clay or assign it as a homework assignment (preferably over the weekend) so each student has time to build the sculpture. 

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  • Hands-on, creative, and fun activity of modeling the behavior of Renaissance period sculptors/artists 

  • Art supplies will need to purchased or provided to the class
  • This activity will be time-consuming and may be difficult for learners to complete without adult instruction
  • Involves the use of an oven, so safety precautions should be provided to the class before the assignment is handed out. To modify, use of self-hardening clay and skip the oven all together
  • The book mentioned in the instructions is not included. Before giving out the assignment, provide your class with some background or learning materials on renaissance sculptures