Make Predictions by Previewing

What can you learn from the title of a story? This short video invites you to explore this question with your students, as well as review the key steps of previewing a text. While the resource focuses more on how to find the meaning of unknown words in the title of a story, rather than the various parts of the previewing process (i.e. researching the author, examining illustrations, etc.), it can serve as a good starting point for your next literary adventure. This is the first video in the series that uses "The Reformation of Jimmy Valentine-Safe Cracker (Realistic Fiction)."

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Classroom Considerations

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  • Includes a brief core lesson on how to break down a word using its roots
  • Access to complete text of excerpt featured in the video

  • Narrator speaks quickly (you may need to pause the video to elaborate on concepts)
  • Some front-loading on root words would be useful
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