Making Arguments

This Making Arguments unit also includes:

A strong writing resource, designed for high school or college-level writers, guides learners through crafting persuasive arguments. The packet not only provides examples of a variety of argumentative strategies, it gives pointers on how to find a topic, how to develop a stance, and how to find support for that stance. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have individuals brainstorm topics they could use for an argumentative essay
  • Ask class members to create an outline for an essay that follows the format of each of the model essays so that when it comes time to select one to fully develop they have many options from which to choose


Classroom Considerations

  • The chapter is drawn for John Metz's text, The Composition of Everyday Life
  • Requires access to either the textbook and/or copies of the articles

  • The 50-page packet includes model essays that are followed by questions that direct readers' attention to strategies used by the writers, as well as discussion questions, and writing ideas

  • None