Male and Female Reproductive Systems

Bring the birds and the bees discussion into the twenty-first century with this presentation on human reproduction. Split into two sections, this resource first examines the male reproductive organs and the effects of puberty before moving on to cover the female reproductive system and processes of ovulation and menstruation.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas

  • View this presentation as a supplement to an upper-elementary or middle school health unit on sex education
  • Split this presentation up over two class periods, one focusing on the male and one on the female reproductive system
  • During the presentation, allow students to write down and turn in any questions they have, answering them anonymously at the end of the lesson

  • Presentation clearly identifies and defines key words and phrases
  • Includes diagrams that identify the female's reproduction organs
  • Provides a set of discussion questions to cover at the end of the presentation

  • None