Maori Dance, Songs and Meetings

This Maori Dance, Songs and Meetings activity & project also includes:

A great way to become acquainted with any culture is to experience their performing arts and examine their crafts. Immerse young explorers in the rich cultural traditions of the Maori of New Zealand with a resource packed with videos of their songs, their dances, and their carvings.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Before playing the lament (waiata tangi), have class members listen to a Maori lullaby (Matariki Waiata) and have them compare the tone of the two songs
  • Conclude the lesson with the Poe E - Patea Maori Club video that captures the spirit of the country and the people 
  • For those who would like to know more about contemporary Maori culture, assign the film Whale Rider for out-of-class viewing
Classroom Considerations

  • To watch the videos, copy and paste the links into your browser
  • The link to the Maori lament is broken; however, another is available on YouTube

  • Offers class members an opportunity to experience and investigate the rich cultural heritage of the Maori people

  • None