MapProjector with Google Maps

Zounds! Zoom into live maps of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Zip to Wellington, New Zealand, examine the Zuidersee in the Netherlands, fly over the San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. Travelers can choose classic, satellite, or hybrid map formats to view familiar or exotic sites or to chart a trip.

3rd - 12th Social Studies & History 36 Views 8 Downloads
App Overview

  • Begin by tapping the Question Mark for complete directions on how to use the app
  • To locate a site, tap the Magnifying Glass and type in the name of a landmark, place, or address
  • Select the Classic, Satellite, or Hybrid viewing format
  • The Camera icon allows access to photos or videos
  • Tap the Envelop to print, e-mail a map, or save a map to photos or Dropbox
  • The External Display icon permits maps to be displayed on any connected external displays
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Instructional Ideas

  • The big plus here is that maps selected or developed can be projected for the entire class to view
  • Map features could be added to group presentations or to augment lessons or units of study
Classroom Considerations

  • Developers claim the images are live, but there is no information provided that indicates when the photos were last updated

  • Maps can be viewed in classic, satellite, or hybrid format
  • Close-up views include landmarks and street names
  • Displays the latitude and longitude of sites
  • Additional maps can be created
  • Markers can be added to mark a site
  • Paths can be drawn between markers and sites
  • Photos can be imported
  • Maps can be projected on any connected device
  • Easy to navigate
  • Maps, pathways, and photo additions can be saved and printed

  • Free apps with similar features are available
  • Of limited classroom value