Mars - The Xtreme - o - Philes

What conditions are necessary for life? Is it the same for all lifeforms? What biotic and abiotic factors would need to be changed to make it possible for human life on Mars? Answer these questions and more in a fun lesson plan designed to get kids thinking about what life is and what is needed to support it. With materials to support different age groups, the activities could be used for a wide variety of grade and/or ability levels. There are two options for teachers to choose from, so pick the one that best meets your curricular needs.

135 Views 80 Downloads NGSS: Designed
  • Contains notes to teacher, including common misconceptions and teacher tips
  • Detailed plan for both learners and educators
  • The tardigrade video in the presentation would be better with sound and/or narration; there are many good videos available that could be more engaging
  • The vocabulary section is geared more toward high schoolers
  • Includes many activities to engage pupils with varying learning styles