Marvelous Math Activities

This Marvelous Math Activities activity & project also includes:

Math is a lot more fun when M&Ms® are involved! Whether children are practicing their addition skills with a M&M® domino activity, or learning to estimate and sort objects, this resource is guaranteed to engage your class in developing their basic math skills.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Offer these activities as math learning centers in the early elementary grade levels
  • Laminate the printable materials so they can be used with students year after year
  • Perform some of these activities as one-on-one formative assessments in the primary grades
Classroom Considerations

  • One of the activities involves estimating the contents of a bag of M&Ms® and then counting to see how many it contains. Consider creating your own containers of M&Ms® that can be used repeatedly and be clear that students are not to eat the candy

  • Includes six different math activities and the necessary printable materials
  • Comprehensive descriptions are provided for each activity
  • Activities can be adapted to meet the needs of children across the primary grade levels

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