Mathematical Induction

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While deductive reasoning is something many students are exposed to in everyday life, the rigor of inductive reasoning is often harder to grasp. This excellent skill builder presentation and worksheet breaks down mathematical induction into easy-to-follow steps and provides practice problems of increasing difficulty. The included presentation follows the worksheet problems step-by-step, providing excellent guidance for solving.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Consider using as part of a flipped-classroom, with readings or videos about inductive reasoning assigned the night before
  • Extend this assignment by having learners create and then prove valid their own iterative formulas
  • Great review assignment after completion of deductive and inductive reasoning to help keep induction methods fresh
Classroom Considerations

  • PDF lends itself well to an interactive whiteboard presentation by revealing each step in turn
  • Consider posting the steps from the top of the worksheet on the board for ease of reference

  • Detailed instruction summary provided on student worksheet
  • Problems start easier, then escalate in difficulty through the set
  • Presentation works each student problem out in thorough detail

  • No teaching methods or suggestions provided
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