Mock Caucus Simulation

The teenagers in your class have probably heard of a caucus, but may be hard pressed to define it or its place in modern elections. Demonstrate the process of a caucus with a simulation activity in which young voters choose their candidate, a representative delegate (or delegates), and convince their fellow constituents to choose the candidate they are backing.

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Instructional Ideas

  • For younger classes, use the fruit example as your entire lesson, and directly compare its similarity to the actual caucus
  • Have learners go to the publisher's website for additional materials and resources related to the lesson
Classroom Considerations

  • The lesson is part of a series that leads up to the culminating activity of the mock caucus
  • Resource was published in Iowa, and is based on election procedures that are specific to Iowa, but informative to learners in other states
  • The activity would be the most engaging in an election year, but illustrative regardless of the current timing of a presidential election
  • Participation on the publisher's website requires registration

  • Provides instructions for both a Republican and Democratic caucus, allowing learners to discuss the differences and similarities between the processes
  • Comes with a warm-up activity in which high schoolers choose their favorite fruit as an example
  • Includes different versions of the lesson for varying time periods (30 and 60 minute), as well as an auxiliary worksheet

  • None