Motion Problems Using Exponential and Natural Logarithmic Functions

This Motion Problems Using Exponential and Natural Logarithmic Functions lesson plan also includes:

Velocity and acceleration are concepts often found in physics or calculus, but this worksheet makes them approachable for the upper-level algebra participant. Learners gain practice manipulating natural logarithms and exponential functions with base e, an often abstract idea. While the worksheet provided is straightforward in instruction and completion, the real gems are the referenced online activities and supports. Here is where that age-old "but when are we going to USE this?" question is answered, with the worksheet providing supporting opportunity to flex these newly found analytic muscles.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use this as a cross-curricular unit with a physics class on particle motion or acceleration
  • When linked with suggested computer activities, the lesson could be used as part of a larger unit on application of base e
Classroom Considerations
  • Worksheet designed for completion without a graphing calculator. If assigned for homework, pupils might need a warning about the difference between calculated and analytical answers
  • Student worksheet directions include a refresher of basic terms and interpretations
  • Clearly worked out solutions
  • Multiple properties of each problem are investigated, requiring higher-level thinking 
  • Multiple references to related activities and assessments on the LTF website, but a specific address is not available. The general website address given requires school or teacher registration for material access