Motivating the Population: Propaganda during World War I

This Motivating the Population: Propaganda during World War I lesson plan also includes:

How did the government garner support for World War I? As part of a study of The War to End All Wars, class members analyze propaganda posters from the time and identify the persuasive devises use to generate sympathy and support. Individuals then craft their own poster to encourage support for the War on Terror.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Create and laminate posters of the images for reuse 
  • Have groups research the propaganda images used to promote or object or other wars and global conflicts
Classroom Considerations

  • Most effective if class members have experience with identifying propaganda techniques and analyzing images

  • The 10-page packet includes a brief outline of the activity, an analysis worksheet, and poster images

  • No rubric for the poster assignment is included