Multicultural Book Report

Understanding the plot of a book is important, but recognizing the ways characters relate to each other in kind ways and respect each others' differences is a new level of comprehension. Connect a unit on compassion and understanding others with a book report project in which class members analyze the acts of kindness from their books, as well as the challenges characters face because of their differences from others.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Assign the book report after a short story activity or novel unit
  • Use the book lists provided or have class members choose their own books that include characters from different cultures
Classroom Considerations

  • Book report is an optional addition to a four-lesson unit on understanding others
  • Consider folding the questions into your own book report format to address additional reading skills
  • Signing up for a free account allows access to supplemental materials

  • Provides a version of the entire unit in Spanish
  • Encourages middle schoolers to apply the principles of empathy to multiple contexts
  • Comes with options to differentiate the lesson for multiple audiences

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