Multiplication Secrets

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Help young mathematicians unlock the secrets to mastering their multiplication facts with this collection of materials. Starting with 11 easy-to-remember tips for learning how to multiply, this resource goes on to offer a list of interactive websites, printable multiplication charts, and instructions for numerous collaborative games, all focusing on developing fluency with multiplication.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Send these materials home with students needing extra help with their multiplication facts
  • If computers are available in your classroom, use the listed websites and included math games as learning centers during a unit on multiplication
  • Print out the multiplication chart on card stock and provide each student with their own copy to keep as a reference
  • Includes ideas for six different multiplication games
  • Each multiplication tip is supported with clear examples
  • Provides addresses to six free educational websites
  • Some of the text is blurry, but still legible