Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers: Using Repeated Addition

This Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers: Using Repeated Addition video also includes:

Prior experience with addition of fractions guides young mathematicians as they learn how to multiply fractions by whole numbers. The first video in this two-part series outlines this process with clear explanations and examples. Afterward, learners practice this new skill with a word problem in the Guided Practice video, providing a real-world context for multiplying fractions.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Watch as a whole class, or have students view the video independently if the technology is available
Classroom Considerations

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  • Includes a review of fractions using numbers, pictures, and number lines
  • Makes connections between repeated addition and the standard method for multiplying fractions

  • Assumes prior knowledge about converting improper fractions into mixed numbers
Common Core