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You can't smile without face muscles! A presentation covers the muscular system in the body, including the parts and functions of the smooth, skeletal, and cardiac muscles. Additionally, it addresses neuromuscular junctions, the importance of calcium, how muscles impact metabolism, how muscles are named, and two diagrams of the major skeletal muscles in the human body. This is the 14th presentation in a series of 28.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have students label the parts of a muscle
  • Challenge pupils to write a paragraph in their own words describing how actin and myosin filaments interact
Classroom Considerations
  • Presentation would best fit as an introduction to the muscular system in the human body
  • The 14th presentation in a series of 28
  • Provides detailed diagrams that can be turned into worksheets
  • Highlights vocabulary throughout for easier note taking
  • Does not include any attention checks or interactions during presentation