Music and the American Identity/American Culture

This Music and the American Identity/American Culture lesson plan also includes:

Does music unite or divide Americans? How does music reflect and influence American culture? After journaling an initial response to these central questions, groups examine primary source documents, listen and respond to a wide range of music, and the whole class engages in a “Public Issues Discussion” or SAC. The exercise concludes with individuals crafting an essay in which they argue that music has united or divided American culture.

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CCSS: Designed
  • Includes links to a supplemental reading list
  • Requires a safe classroom environment to discuss racial issues in a manner that allows all class members to be comfortable
  • Due to the limited resources provided, writers would have to engage in extensive research to complete the final assignment
  • No author listed for "What is 'black music'? How are race and identity conveyed in the music media?"
  • No list of suggested songs to play for the class is included