My Editing Checklist

Take one last look at that piece of writing before you turn it in. An editing worksheet provides seven steps for third and fourth graders to check off, including story order, spelling, and sentence variety.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have young writers attach the checklist to the final draft of an essay
  • Use during a peer editing lesson, or when encouraging self-assessment through proofreading
  • Provide a copy of the checklist for every draft of the writing, prompting learners to focus on conventions throughout the writing process
Classroom Considerations

  • You'll need to clarify what each point means before you hand the checklist out (define good title or different types of sentences)
  • Addresses writing conventions such as capitalization and punctuation, but doesn't provide a detailed rubric
  • Designed for narrative writing projects, but helpful for informative or argumentative writing as well

  • Each checklist is a half page, making it easy to print and distribute enough copies 
  • Encourages learners to be aware of the possible errors and opportunities for improvement in their own writing

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