Lesson Plan

My Pumpkin Story

Have young pumpkin carvers use technology to create a unique pumpkin face and write a short story about the special characteristics of their pumpkin.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use in a math shape identification study so learners can practice drawing shapes to create their jack-o-lanterns
  • Apply the resource to a emotion identification unit, requiring learners to create jack-o-lanterns with faces displaying various emotions
Classroom Considerations
  • Goes well in a study of shapes, or characteristics and describing objects
  • Requires Internet access
  • Provide a computer mouse for each learner to better carve their pumpkin faces, as using a laptop may prove challenging for some 
  • Incorporates technology into a writing activity
  • Resource can be used in a variety of ways around Halloween
  • Does not come with a rubric for the writing activity