Navigating by Good Gyrations

This Navigating by Good Gyrations activity & project also includes:

The wheel goes round and round, round and round. Learners observe four demonstrations that use a spinning bicycle wheel. After the demonstrations, the class discusses the forces involved with a gyroscope. Discussion questions tie inertia and gyroscope behavior to events seen in the real world.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use the tricks as a hook for a unit on inertia; as the unit progresses, have the class explain what was happening during the trick
  • After studying inertia, instruct the class to predict what might happen prior to spinning the wheel in each trick
Classroom Considerations

  • A bicycle wheel is needed; stunt pegs attached make the wheel easier to handle
  • To suspend the wheel from a string, tie it to a rafter or a sturdy hook in the ceiling

  • The tricks provide a large-scale demonstration on the principles behind gyroscopes
  • Resource provides an understandable explanation of the forces involved in a spinning wheel

  • None