Ocean and Great Lakes Literacy: Principle 6

Whether you're a salty sea dog or a total land lubber, the lakes and oceans of our world have a tremendous impact upon everyday life. Module six in a seven-part series of lesson plans centered on fresh and saltwater literacy tackles some of the important issues these bodies of water face. Young environmentalists discover the plight of workers in the fishing industry and analyze data to determine the effects of human activity on lakes and oceans.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Locate and show the video for Downeaster Alexa to give the lesson even more impact
  • Use the activities to inspire a project where the class devises and tests a solution for overfishing in a lake or coastal region
Classroom Considerations
  • Prepare the materials for the oil and water demonstration in advance
  • Consider making some of the questions in the activities more rigorous for older students
  • Lesson plan contains mini-activities, perfect for shorter class periods or chunking information
  • Teacher's guide includes all printable materials and engaging extensions
  • Individuals work with data in many forms throughout each activity
  • None