One Fish, Two Fish, Goldfish, Graph Fish!

Kids will have a blast counting multi-colored goldfish and tallying how many they have of each color. Simple and clear, this graphing activity features a large visual graph, section for converting tallies to numbers, and three data analysis questions. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Calculate and graph the yellow goldfish as a class, demonstrating as learners count their own
  • Once learners have completed their graphs (and assuming you have handed out the entire bag), gather class data and create a large graph of what was in the whole bag of goldfish
  • Make eating their snack a learning experience—have them eat the color they had the least of first, and move in order to most
Classroom Considerations
  • The worksheet does not have directions or an example telling learners how to fill out the graph; make sure you explain this first
  • Many concepts covered in one activity, including most and least, tallying, graphing, and addition
  • None
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