One Man’s Terrorist…Another Man’s Freedom Fighter

This One Man’s Terrorist…Another Man’s Freedom Fighter activity & project also includes:

Why is there no universal definition for terrorism? What tactics and objectives do terrorist groups share? Through an engaging and collaborative activity, as well as using rich informational texts and guided notes, lead your class members through an examination of the history of terrorism, as well as an analysis of major terrorist groups that exist today.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Classroom Considerations

  • This lesson will require a great deal of preparation and careful consideration of how to properly approach the "Crossfire" style debate. Make sure learners are aware that their arguments do not represent the students' own personal views, and that they are prepared with proper background information and skills for respectful communication
  • Part of the lesson asks learners to recall how they felt on September 11th, 2001, though most will be too young to remember. You can perhaps simply share your own memories or ask learners to talk to their parents prior to beginning the lesson

  • Very well designed guided notes to accompany presentation
  • All activity handouts included, as well as list of resources for further research
  • Offers detailed instructional guidelines and questions to ask during PowerPoint presentation

  • None