Order on the Board!

Young mathematicians develop their understanding of the order of operations with a fun hands-on game. Taking turns, children first roll three dice and then use the numbers to create expressions that equal one of the numbers on the game board. The first player to get six numbers lined up across the board wins!

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Great to use as a workstation or math center activity
  • Implement as a small group intervention to reinforce children's understanding of the order of operations
  • Ask young mathematicians to record the expressions they create during the game to assess their learning
Classroom Considerations
  • Each pair of learners will require three die and two sets of colored counters
  • Have a parent volunteer or assistant create and laminate game boards for reuse
  • Worksheet includes short answer questions that require students to think critically about their work
  • Engaging and educating activity
  • Adaptable to Common Core Math Standards


  • None