Our Tilted Earth: The Story Behind the Seasons!

This Our Tilted Earth: The Story Behind the Seasons! lesson plan also includes:

Why do some areas experience more extreme seasons than others? Scholars to explore this question with an inquiry-based lesson and a hands-on activity. Collaborative groups team up to collect temperature data using a globe, flashlight, and thermometer. The data shows how the tilt of the earth affects temperature and therefore the seasons at different locations.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use as an interdisciplinary lesson with the math department by analyzing the data more thoroughly
  • Ask learners to complete a journal entry describing in detail the cause of the seasons
Classroom Considerations

  • Activity requires an inflatable globe, flashlight, and thermometer for each group of four pupils

  • Provides links to more detailed information and ideas for extension activities
  • Includes assessment resources and rubrics

  • None