Packers' Puzzle

This Packers' Puzzle activity & project also includes:

How many oranges can fit in a box? Apply the area and volume formulas learned in middle school to investigate how different arrangements of packing oranges can lead to vastly different answers.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Hold your own contest where class members guess the number of objects in a jar
Classroom Considerations

  • Activity requires a large number of materials; prior preparation is essential
  • Some concepts, such as dense-packing, may be confusing to some pupils; scaffolding may be necessary

  • Teacher's guide, the worksheet, and possible solutions are provided with the resource

  • While the activity is indicated as being aligned to G-GMD.3, the vast majority of the activity focuses on area, not volume
  • The resource leaves it up to teachers to draw containers to photocopy, but no template is provided