Parts of Speech Review

Practice all of the parts of speech with a pair of review exercises. The first exercise focuses on identification and asks pupils to note down the part of speech of all the underlined words. The second exercise is similar to a Mad Lib™ and includes many spaces to fill in. Class members can get a little silly while they fill in action verbs, prepositional phrases, and the occasional amusing phrase in a foreign language.

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CCSS: Adaptable

  • Content of both exercises includes humor to engage students in what is typically thought of as dry material
  • Could be used in several different ways: warm-up activity, homework assignment, assessment, etc.
  • Reviews all of the parts of speech and distinguishes between action verbs and linking verbs

  • Answers are not included
  • There are no definitions or examples of the parts of speech provided, so your class should have a solid understanding of the concepts before completing the exercises
Common Core