Performance-Based Assessment Practice Test (Grade 3 Math)

Put the knowledge of your third grade mathematicians to the test with this practice Common Core assessment. Offering a change from typical standardized math tests, 3rd graders are asked to answer not only multiple choice questions but open-ended problems as well. These open-ended questions thoroughly examine children's knowledge of math.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Use this practice assessment as an opportunity to teach children different test-taking strategies
  • Have the class correct their tests in pairs, encouraging them to discuss their answers and work collaboratively to identify any mistakes
Classroom Considerations

  • Be sure to schedule time in your school's computer lab, allowing children to practice taking computer-based assessments
  • There are some minor differences in the questions found on the paper and computer-based versions of the test, though the content covered by each is the same
  • The large-print version of the test may be difficult to create, depending on the capabilities of your school's printers and/or copiers

  • A computer-based version of the practice test is included, offering a variety of question formats
  • The printable test is also offered in Spanish and large-print versions
  • Answer keys are included for each version of the test

  • None